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Small-Town and Urban Fusion in Rincon, Georgia

Effingham County - Welcome to RinconPeople who are looking for a place that offers small town suburban comfort without having to give up much of city living find that Rincon, Georgia is the best place to live. Though it is just 35 minutes away from one of the most tourist-applauded historical towns, Savannah, residents do not have to look far because it is laden with a unique appeal that even the most adventurous of people will find something that will suit their fancy.

The weather in Rincon is relatively warm all year round. And because it never snows in this town (almost never), residents are able to enjoy summer activities most of the year, even while the rest of the country is shoveling knee-deep snow from their front yards. The climate probably contributes greatly to the good-naturedness of its people -- because in Rincon, you will never run out of strangers who will gladly lend you a hand or simply give a smile as you pass each other on the street.

Entrance to Lost Plantation, a Rincon SubdivisionLike its neighbors, Pooler and Savannah, Rincon is also ripe with history. As one of the pioneering railroad towns in the 1890s, it lends a hand to Georgia's overall tourist appeal. However, just because itís a quaint town, it doesn't mean that it lacks in modernity. Rincon is one of the fastest growing commercial districts in Georgia; and with trade opportunities and businesses mushrooming here and there, it won't be a surprise that it will be a commercial hub in the years to come.

View of some trees in RinconIn regards to employment, most of the people in Rincon either work in the vicinity or head off to nearby Port Wentworth, Garden City, Savannah, Richmond Hill and Pooler. Employment opportunities are plentiful in this town, so residents are able to afford stable living conditions. It is a city that is aggressively reaching out to meet its people's needs, whether in terms of jobs, entertainment and recreation, or safety.

If you are seeking a place to retire, raise a family, or even just to experience rest and relaxation once urban burn-out gets to you, Rincon is an excellent choice. Rincon real estate is relatively inexpensive, considering all the benefits you will get once you live there. Despite being a small town, residents are still able to enjoy city living, with neither compromising the other. If this is the life that you seek for you and your family (who wouldn't?), you know that you have a place in Rincon, Georgia. In fact, everybody does.

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